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2021 membership IS OPEN!

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2021 race event sign up will be posted here not less than 30 days before the event.

2021 Entry Fee schedule

Endurance team entry: $200
Endurance rider entry: $50
Sprint entry: $110, no class limit
Friday practice: $80
Transponder rental: $25

To enter the endurance race, the team will pay the team entry fee, and every rider on the team will enter separately as a rider. For a 3-person team, this means $200 + $50 + $50 + $50 = $350 total to enter, and $117 per person. Riders may ride on any number of teams for one entry fee.

Sprint entries are per rider per day - for $110 you can ride as many classes as you want on as many bikes as you want.

Transponder rentals are for the entire weekend, not per day - one rental covers Friday practice, Saturday endurance, and Sunday sprints. Only a limited number of transponders will be available.

Why so expensive? Our track costs and insurance fees went up in 2021, and our attendance levels declined. The fees are set to an amount that will put NWMM at break-even (excluding capital & unexpected expenses) if there are an average of 13 endurance team entries, 20 sprint entries, and 10 Friday practice entries. If attendance is good in 2021, NWMM plans to decrease fees in 2022 to match expected attendance and expenses.