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2023 membership Opens soon

Our Membership to sign up and reserve your race number for 2023 will be opening soon! Memberships are also available for purchase for any event sign up.

If you purchased a membership last year and attended at least one event in 2022, you do not need to purchase another one this year! Memberships and number reservations are good until you stop showing up at events.

Camping and facilities

Camping is available at all rounds, but facilities and costs vary from track to track. PLEASE DO NOT SHOW UP EARLY AT THE TRACK. Staying at the track gate before the club's designated time begins disrupts track activities for other users.


The track will open Friday mid-day for the 12-hour endurance practice.
Facilities include bathrooms, running water, a shower, and electrical power (RV hookups available for an extra fee). There is no gate fee at TCKC. You must bring a generator if you plan to run tire warmers, the paddock grid cannot handle tire warmers.

MAC Track:

The track will open Friday morning at 1000 for all rounds for PKA practice. There is no NWMM-only Friday practice this year.
Facilities are semi-dry camping, with porta-johns, 1-2 working faucets, and electrical power at some locations in hot pit but not in the general paddock area. Plan to bring a generator if you need power for your rig. Showers may be available but are not guaranteed. MAC Track has a gate fee for non-riders and a camping fee.

Gate fee: $5/person for non-riders
Camping fee: $20/camp


The track will open Friday evening at or before 5PM before each round for camping.
Facilities include bathrooms, running water at the bathrooms and near the tower, and 30A electrical power for RVs. Showers are not available but NWMM may have a shower for racer use at the track. Generators for tire warmers are recommended as hookups are 30A only. Spokane has a camping fee.

Camping fee: $20/camp

Race day schedule

Looking for the race day schedule? Check it out on or Race Day Schedule page.

2023 Entry Fees

Endurance team entry: $200
Endurance rider entry: $50
Sprint entry: $TBD
Transponder rental: $15/weekend

To enter the endurance race, the team will pay the team entry fee, and every rider on the team will enter separately as a rider. For a 3-person team, this means $200 + $50 + $50 + $50 = $350 total to enter, and $117 per person. Riders may ride on any number of teams for one entry fee.

Sprint entries are TBD but will be paid in conjunction with a PKA practice fee via Oregon Lightweight Moto.

One transponder is required per endurance team, or per rider for sprint races (not per bike). Transponder rentals are for the entire weekend, not per day - one rental covers Friday practice, Saturday endurance, and Sunday sprints. Transponder rentals are guaranteed for the endurance race, and will be waived for sprint races if a sufficient number of transponders are not available - you will still be scored, but will not have tracked lap times.

Why so expensive? Track rental, EMS, and corner marshals all cost money. The fees are set to an amount that will put NWMM at break-even (excluding capital & unexpected expenses) if there are an average of 13 endurance team entries, 20 sprint entries, and 10 Friday practice entries. Although our track fees have increased at some venues, we have not raised prices since 2021.