NorthWest Mini Moto Rulebook 2021 FINAL v5.pdf

Class list

The following will be the NWMM championship classes for 2021:

  • Supersport

  • Street 125

  • Formula 125

  • Scooter

  • YCF SM F150/F155 Spec

  • Formula Middleweight

  • Open

The following non-championship classes will also be available on sprint race days with sufficient entries/interest:

  • Beginner - This is your first race season in any series

  • Intermediate - You have some experience racing

  • Vet 30 - You are 30 or older

  • Vet 40 - You are 40 or older

  • Moped

  • Alternative power

As always, NWMM is open to new classes that don't exceed the Open-class limits, as long as 3+ bikes will be running in that class. Contact for details.

Changes for 2021

The following major changes were made for 2021:

  • Renaming of two classes: Supersport 125 to Supersport, and Superbike to Formula Middleweight.

  • New class: Street 125, for street-legal minis with minimal modifications such as Groms, Z125 Pros, Kymco K-Pipe 125, Benelli TNT 135, etc.

  • New class: YCF SM F150/F155 Spec, for YCF SM F150 & F155 motorcycles. Minimal modifications from stock and a spec tire are required.

  • Simplification of tech rules. Silicone "goop" requirements have been eliminated except in one case because they mostly didn't work. Bark busters are now required for all motorcycles with standard bars other than Street 125 motorcycles and scooters. Rules on peg sliders have been clarified.

  • The maximum water-cooled two-stroke displacement was increased to 100cc for powervalve motors and 105cc for non-powervalve motors. This allows KX100s in the class, along with 105cc CR85/pre-2019 YZ85 overbores and 100cc RM85s/post-2019 YZ 85s. The KTM 105 SX is intentionally excluded here. The intent is to make two-strokes more competitive against the CR150Rs.

  • The the maximum water-cooled two-stroke displacement in Formula Middleweight was increased from 70cc to 72cc to allow for the most common KX65 big bore kit size to be legal.

  • Clarification of penalties for sprint and endurance races.

  • Changes to championship scoring for better balance.

  • A rewrite of the sprint racing rules to remove the GP race and make the day simpler.

  • A re-structuring of the sprint and endurance sections of the manual to improve clarity.

  • Updating the transponder requirements to reflect changing transponder systems from RFID and AMB to Westhold, and clarify transponder rental.

  • Membership has changed to a one-time $15 fee to reserve your number.

  • Knobby tires are explicitly prohibited in all classes except the Knobby class.

The following are changes that were made between the provisional and finalized rulebooks:

  • Additional/auxiliary fuel tanks are now explicitly prohibited.

  • Exemptions to the modification rules for comfort, controls, and wear items have been made explicit. This includes items like controls, bodywork, tires, brake lines, batteries, clipons, pegs, etc.

  • Added separate rules for scoring protests (i.e. scoring errors), one for sprint and one for endurance.

  • Technical protest rule language has been changed to close a loophole, to make the technical protest written requirement less onerous, and to clarify that teams/riders can ask race direction to verify compliance of a machine at any time and that a protest is only required if race direction declines and the team/riders disagree and want a formal ruling.

  • Added explicit handguard exemption for Street 125, Scooters, and non-championship classes.

  • Numbers rules clarified.

  • Added rule to clarify that only the rider operating the motorcycle may set foot on the racing surface during a Le Mans start.

  • Track entry and exit rules were re-written to accommodate a requirement to dis-mount at pit entry and re-mount at pit exit (venue dependent).

  • A section was added dealing with intentional rule violations to gain advantage.

  • Helmet rules updated to include ECE 22.06 and FIM FRHPhe standards.

Changes made with the 2021 May 27 update:

Changes to SM 150 Spec class:

1. Modified tire rules to allow DOTs in the event that the spec tire becomes unavailable during the season.

2. Unrestricted front brake rotors 220mm and under.

3. Permitted rear shock and front fork replacements for pre-2021 models.

4. Permitted carburetor and exhaust modifications for pre-2021 models.

Technical rules:

1. Handlebar guards must attach at two or more points (i.e. bark busters), except for Street 125 bikes with stock handlebars.

2. Clarified oil line wiring rule to only apply to clamped/flexible lines.

Sprint race updates:

Updated race day schedule and scoring to remove Moto 2, add end-of-day non-championship GP race.

New non-championship classes:

• Intermediate

• Vet 30

• Vet 40