Getting Started

Do I need a license?

No! We encourage riders to be familiar with the track environment, either through other race series or track days, but there is no license requirement to race with NWMM. If you do not have any previous track experience, please contact us at and we will help you find a track buddy to work with to get you racing quickly and safely.

How do I get started with mini racing?

You've decided that minis are awesome (because they are), and now you want to get started mini racing - fantastic! However, NWMM hosts two different types of events - sprints and team endurance, and the mini racing rules allow a huge number of possibilities for bikes, anything from a 70s-era moped up to a built-to-the-hilt Honda CRF150R or a GP-framed 85cc two stroke. What's the easiest and cheapest ways to get started mini racing? Here's some guidance on how to get started with minis.

Sprint races vs endurance races

NorthWest Mini Moto offers two different race experiences on most weekends: sprint races and endurance races.

Endurance races are team races that last 6+ hours. They are scored by bike, not by rider, and most people think a team is necessary to be competitive. In an endurance race, bikes of all different classes are on the track at the same time, and pit stops are made during racing. Reliability, consistency, and pit stop strategy are very important for an endurance race. Endurance races take place on Saturday. For more information on endurance racing including an overview of endurance race classes and rules, see the Endurance Racing introduction page.

Sprint races are single-rider races that typically last 8-10 laps; they are scored by rider, not by bike or team. In a sprint race, only the class that is racing (and sometimes one other) is on the track at a time. One bike can enter multiple classes, and every class will have a heat race and one or two main event races. The heat races determine where you grid for the mains, and the combination of your two main event scores is where you place. Sprint races take place on Sunday. For more information on sprint races, including an overview of classes and rules, see the Sprint Racing page.

Required gear For All Races

This is a summary of gear requirements - for the full set of gear rules, see Rider Gear Rules or the Rulebook. 

Racers must have:

It is strongly suggested that you get one- or two-piece leathers. Textile riding gear is acceptable but is easily damaged in a crash. Motocross gear has special requirements, see the rulebook for details. Used/damaged leathers are A-OK as long as they're not falling apart.

Bike Prep

Before you can race any motorcycle, you must get it ready for the track. See the Rules for details, either the PDF or the Bike Prep Rules page. There is NO shortcut for this; read the rules! Most preparation can be done in a single evening with basic tools and safety wire/safety wire pliers.


Transponders are required for all racing, either Westhold G3 (MX, Kart, or Car) or AMB/MyLaps. Westhold transponders are available for rent for $15/weekend from NWMM. A limited number of rental transponders are available, and riders without a transponder will not be officially scored. You can also purchase your own transponder from directly from Westhold for less than $150.

taste of racing

NorthWest Mini Moto has a very limited number of Supersport mini motorcycles (Honda XR100s with class-competitive modifications) available for single practice sessions and single sprint races as a part of our "Taste of Racing" program. Contact NWMM directly at if you would like to try riding a mini at one of our races or practice days.

Race checklist

Check the Rules, this is not a definitive list, just a reminder!

Next steps

Check out the other 101 pages below:

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Bike Types & Setup 

Read the rules! There's important information in there about bike prep, essential gear, and how to conduct yourself at our races.

Ask questions! Our Facebook group is a great place to find out more about mini racing, ask setup questions, and get more information about events. You can also contact us directly