COVID-19 Procedures


These simplified procedures supersede the 2020 procedures.

  • Stay home if you're even a little bit sick. Don't ruin it for everybody.

  • Be courteous and mindful about contact and masks, not everybody has had a chance to receive a vaccine yet. Respect other's distance if they request it.

  • Wear a mask in crowded or indoor spaces, even if you are vaccinated. These are:
    - Registration
    - Rider's meeting
    - Hot pit
    - Tech inspection
    - Bathrooms

  • Maintain 6ft of social distance with people outside your household or whose vaccination status you do not know.

  • Practice good hygine - wash your hands, cover your mouth when you cough, etc.

  • If you get sick after the event, contact us so we can notify others.

COVID-19 Procedures for attendees - 2020

In order to keep our racers and our broader community safe in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic, NorthWest Mini Moto is requiring racers to take extra precautions to protect themselves and others during events. As long as hospitals in the communities in which we're racing maintain a no-visitation policy due to COVID-19 (currently in place for the nearest Level I-III trauma centers servicing both MAC Track and TCKC), we will continue to enforce these procedures.

We recognize that, because our activities bring in riders from all over the Pacific Northwest, it is important to take these extra precautions to avoid contracting or transmitting COVID-19, either at the track or elsewhere as the result of our activities at the track. Our intention is to take a holistic view of risk management when it comes to COVID-19; we understand that riding and racing is a privilege, not a right, and that we have a duty of care to each other and to the communities we travel to during this time. When we increase risk in some areas (travel & injury), it is necessary to decrease it in others by taking more extensive preventative measures.

Before arriving

  • If you are ill in any way, or have symptoms such as fever, coughing, flu-like symptoms, or difficulty breathing, STAY HOME.

  • If you are considered high risk for COVID-19, please stay home and race with us when it’s safe to do so.

  • Please take your temperature before you leave home. If you have a fever, you need to stay home.

  • If you know you have had contact with someone diagnosed with COVID-19, or someone who is in quarantine due to exposure, within the last 14 days, please stay home.

Personal Conduct

  • Double the standard distance between pits and parked vehicles. Leave an empty spot on each side next to your vehicle – there should be at least 10 feet between anything in your pit (including EZ-ups) and the next pit.

  • You must wear a mask when outside your pit, or when others are visiting your pit, unless you are wearing a helmet.

  • Please stay in your pits and minimize socializing. If you do need to interact, maintain 6+ft (one bike length) of distance.

  • Please do not pit with anybody outside of your household or contact bubble.

  • If you start to feel ill during the event, in any way, LET STAFF KNOW BEFORE LEAVING ASAP. For proper contact tracing, staff will ask you for a phone number to reach you at and will follow up with you later to ask about your status.


  • Hand sanitizer or sinks with soap and water will be available in all bathrooms, please use them.

  • Only staff and volunteers are permitted in the tower, bleachers, tech shed, or timing facilities.

  • Leave no trace and take your trash home with you. Trash bags will be available at the registration table or by the announcement board, with a sign. Please don’t put our staff or volunteers at risk picking up your garbage.

  • Camping will be on a per-event basis depending on available facilities. Please see the event-specific information on the Sign Up page for details. If the event is dry camping only, you must have an RV or provide evidence of a bathroom to be allowed in the facility overnight.

Signup and registration

  • All signups and payments will be done online prior to race day if the event allows online registration. Day-of entrants will be asked to sign up electronically unless they are unable to do so.

  • Registration will be done outdoors, not in the tower (if there is a tower at the venue).

Rider's Meeting

  • The rider's meeting will be conducted via FM radio. The frequency for announcements and riders meeting will be posted on a whiteboard at registration.

  • The rider’s meeting will impart two important pieces of information to you. You will be asked to communicate these to the race director or pit boss with a hand signal in order to enter the track. IF YOU DO NOT LISTEN TO THE RIDER’S MEETING TO GET THIS INFORMATION, YOU WILL NOT BE ALLOWED TO RIDE.

  • New riders will be asked to participate in a dispersed meeting at the start-finish line for a brief flag demonstration and to answer any questions. Please maintain at least 6+ feet of distance between you, staff, and other riders during this meeting.

Technical Inspection

  • The technical inspector will come to your pit area to inspect your motorcycle; there will be no tech station or tech line.

  • Please maintain one bike length of space between you and the tech inspector.

  • Everybody in the pit near the motorcycle must be masked during tech inspection.

  • If practice starts before you have been inspected, please line up outside of hot pit, in full gear with helmet on, and the tech inspector will check you then.

On The Track

  • Only riders are allowed in the hot pit area. You may leave your motorcycle in hot pit if you want, but you must leave at least 6 feet to the next motorcycle. Do not pause to socialize in hot pit.

  • You must keep your helmet on in the hot pit area (visors may be up and goggles may be off) and must maintain one bike length between you and any other rider.

  • [Changed 09/10/2020] Riders will be given one "free" crash per day. Multiple crashes, or crashes that involve other riders, will be scrutinized by race direction and riders may be subject to additional penalties. Standards for reckless riding during COVID-19 are more stringent than at other times.

  • For an endurance race, only one team member who is not a rider is allowed in hot pit except during pit stops.

  • During endurance pit stops with refueling or rider changes, up to three (3) team members may be in hot pit, including the incoming rider.

  • No maintenance will be permitted in hot pit unless it can be done in less than 5 minutes.

  • All team members in hot pit during a pit stop must wear gloves and eye protection.