NorthWest Mini Moto

2022 Provisional schedule

Happy New Year, mini racers! We've got tentative dates for our 2022 season, and some exciting events to look forward to. We're planning on at least 5 events this year, including some sprint-only weekends, some endurance-only weekends, and some combined sprint/endurance events. We're also working on a couple of special events, including a 12-hour dusk-to-dawn endurance and an additional weekend of sprint races at a new track. Again, all dates are provisional right now and subject to change.

Stay tuned for 2022 updates over the next few months by following our Facebook page or sign up for our mailing list.


ROUND 1: April 1st & 2nd @ TCKC (Richland, WA) - Friday practice, Saturday sprint races

ROUND 2: June 3-5 @ MAC Track (McMinnville, OR) - Friday practice, Saturday endurance races, Sunday sprint races

ROUND 3: 12-HOUR NIGHT ENDURANCE July 15th & 16th @ TCKC (Richland, WA) - Friday NIGHT practice, Saturday RACE 6PM - 6AM. (This race may be shortened at the request of the track or county.)

ROUND 4: August 26-28 @ MAC Track (McMinnville, OR) - Friday practice, Saturday endurance races, Sunday sprint races

ROUND 5: September 16th & 17th @ TCKC (Richland, WA) - Friday practice, Saturday endurance finale

ROUND X/TBD: Sprint races @ TBD

Sprint events:

  1. Round 1 @ TCKC - April 1-2

  2. Round 2 @ MAC Track - June 3-5

  3. Round 4 @ MAC Track - August 26-28

  4. Round X @ TBD - TBD

Endurance events:

  1. Round 2 @ MAC Track - June 3-5

  2. Round 3 @ TCKC - July 15-16

  3. Round 4 @ MAC Track - August 26-28

  4. Round 5 @ TCKC - Sept. 16-17

What is Mini Moto and The Mini Endurance Challenge?

NorthWest Mini Moto is a motorcycle road racing series for minibikes, mini motards, and scooters. NWMM puts on endurance and sprint events 3-4 times a year in eastern Washington and Oregon.

For 2021, NWMM will offer both sprint and endurance racing at every race weekend (schedule permitting).

At the heart of NWMM is the endurance challenge. Endurance racing offers unique challenges and growth opportunities for riders. Team strategy, pit strategy, maintenance, and consistency are all important to win an endurance race, and riders on the team will get as much racing seat time in one event as they do in an entire season of sprint racing.

what do i need to race?

See the Getting Started page for more information on requirements and how to start racing.

For any mini racing, you'll need a bike and gear. For endurance racing, you'll also need a team!

A transponder is also required; one can be rented or purchased from NWMM, or purchased directly from Westhold. See the Rules or the Getting Started page for more details.

Not sure where to start? Try the Getting Started page for a list of common builds, turn-key mini race bikes, and the gear that you'll need.

Ready to sign up? Go to the Sign Up page! Become a member to reserve your race number.

Not sure enough to buy a bike? We have several vendors offering Rentals, and NWMM has several "taste of racing" demo bikes available for single sessions.

For more complete details, see the Rules page.

Can I race my motorcycle?

Sure, if it's a minibike or scooter! It may or may not be competitive, but it'll be a lot of fun.

What's a legal minibike? Any motorcycle that fits within our Open class limits:

  • Unlimited chassis and engine modifications except as noted.

  • Engine displacement limits:

      • 4-stroke 2-valve air- or air-oil cooled: 250cc

      • 4-stroke 4-valve air- or air-oil cooled: 212cc

      • 4-stroke water-cooled: 150cc

      • 2-stroke air-cooled: 125cc

      • 2-stroke water-cooled, no powervalve: 105cc

      • 2-stroke water-cooled with powervalve: 100cc

What's a legal scooter? That's a little more complicated - please check Section 3.2.4 of the Rules to be sure, but generally anything that's not a maxi-scooter or a 30+HP modified monster will be legal.

The bikes:

See the Rules for details. We have multiple classes for scooters, mini GP bikes, mini motards, and mopeds. Typical entries into our classes would be:

Supersport: Honda XR100 with a 120cc kit and an XR80 front wheel, Yamaha TTR-125 small wheel (drum brakes), Yamaha YSR50, Honda XR50 with an 88cc kit and front forks with disc brakes.

Street 125: Honda Grom, Kawasaki Z125 Pro, Kymco K-Pipe 125, SSR Razkull 125, Yamaha YSR80, Benelli TNT 135, Aprilia RS50 (stock).

Formula 125: Yamaha TTR-125 big wheel (disc brakes), Honda NSR50, Honda NSF100, Piranha SSR 125, Ohvale 110, Aprilia RS50 (modified), Kayo MR125, Honda CBR125, Kawasaki Z125.

Scooters: Vespa smallframe, Vespa largeframe, Lambretta series 1-4, Honda Elite, Yamaha BWS.

YCF SM F150/155 Spec: A spec class for all years of the YCF SM F150/F155 mini motard. Requires a YCF SM F150/F155 with minimal modifications and spec tires.

Formula Middleweight: Kawasaki KX65, KTM 65 SX, Honda CRF150F, Chinese YX-engined pitbikes with a 150cc-175cc 2-valve motor (SSR, Pirhana, etc), Ohvale 160, Kawasaki KLX-140, Vespa 100cc 2T scooter, Aprilia RS50 with an overbore, YCF SM-F150

Open: Honda CRF150R, CR/YZ 85 up to 105cc (no powervalve), KTM SX/RM85/post-2019 YZ85 with up to 100cc overbore (powervalve), Kawasaki KX100, Ohvale 190, Daytona 190cc motors (up to 212cc), Honda CRF230, Yamaha XT250.

No bike? Not sure? No problem! See our Rentals page to find vendors who will rent you a mini for a session, an event, or the season!

How much does it cost?

NorthWest Mini Moto is working to keep costs as low as possible for racers, so prices may change based on the number of previous entrants. Prices for 2021 are per-event, please see the Sign Up page for details. In 2020, the average entry cost per rider per event was ~$100. Memberships are a one-time fee to reserve your race number and are active as long as you are, see Membership for the sign-up link.

How do i find out more?

Start with our Getting Started page for an introduction to the series and the sport.

Contact us via the contact form or email if you have questions, or subscribe to the NorthWest Mini Moto and Endurance Challenge Facebook Page for discussion and the latest announcements. If you prefer email update, you can sign up for our email mailing list.